midi CV project update...

Roel Das Roel.Das at student.groept.be
Mon Mar 20 16:39:27 CET 2000

Unbelievable... At last, I've came to updating the page again. But don't
expect to much. It's just some schematics from my work in Eagle lite with
comment. Go directly to the updates page:

Any comments are welcome.

And some questions on the schemo from the second PCB (look at the page!!) I
use TL084's for handling the controller cv's. Only to save space actually.
Are there any other quad opamps which are as cheap, and maybe better in this
application? Pin compatibility is appreciated, but not necessarily.
Does the output signal of the inverting amp need buffering?
And, for the contoller CV's: a range of -10V to +10V, with maximum swing of
10V, is that okay, or should I got to 15 volt?


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