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You must remember (or maybe not depends on age I think.... I'm older than
These cells came in Photoconductive and Photovoltaic brands. Cell was still a
generic term for "little round (or square obling etc) thing with a window you
can see through"
You can do VCF res with them... the resistance will probably be OK for the
I did it on the Aries 314 VCF.  See national Semi "Analog Multiplier" and
replace the lamp with an LED or it will pulse at very high Q settings (not
good).  Ask nice and I can scan my complete schematic but warning its a gory
pencil drawing...

Nat Semi AN-20 (don't use the lamp !!!!)

Scott Gravenhorst wrote:

> I was in Radio Shlack today and came across (and impulsively bought)
> a pack of 5 cadmium sulphide photocell devices.  They were marked as
> "photocells".
> mmm.  I didn't know that CdS devices were "cells" per se i.e., current
> producing devices...  I thought they were LDRs or light dependant
> resistors.  Now that I have them, I think I know what they are good for,
> but perhaps some of you can expound, pontificate, lecture and extrapolate.
> Can this device be used to do VC rez on a SVF?  Or is
> the typical resistance range wrong?  This is an assortment of two types
> (4 of one, 1 of another, all unmarked in true RS tradition)
> Any and all comments regarding CdS devices and what S-DIY stuff
> they can do would be welcome ( for me [ (c: ] )
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