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Mon Mar 20 00:37:46 CET 2000

>  > does anyone have a cct diagram for the small stone phaser 
>[electro harmonix]? if not , does anyone
>  > know what the EH1048 chips in the small stone are?
>There are schematics of two revisions online, one has some wrong
>labelled IC pins. They differ in LFO section.

I think this one's been moved. It's all fancy now.


Seems to be dead.

>EH1048 are CA3094 ( single OTA chip with darlington buffer), easily
>replaced with CA3080 with couple of transistrors and resistors as
>they have indentical OTA section. CA3094 was very popular chip for
>phasers, and EH used them in some more products (miro synths etc.)
>so they had labelled them in their own code. There was the list of
>EH chip # and their usual numbers online but can't find the link now.

I have the schematic and that number list somewhere around here (came 
from Leper's). I also have a bunch of pictures in case your wires are 
chopped off.

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