>>>marjan<<< urekar.m at EUnet.yu
Sun Mar 19 19:32:22 CET 2000

Hi Dan,

> Have a couple of questions.. does anyone have a cct diagram for the Oberheim
> promer, and the small stone phaser [electro harmonix]? if not , does anyone
> know what the EH1048 chips in the small stone are?

There are schematics of two revisions online, one has some wrong 
labelled IC pins. They differ in LFO section.
EH1048 are CA3094 ( single OTA chip with darlington buffer), easily
replaced with CA3080 with couple of transistrors and resistors as
they have indentical OTA section. CA3094 was very popular chip for
phasers, and EH used them in some more products (miro synths etc.)
so they had labelled them in their own code. There was the list of
EH chip # and their usual numbers online but can't find the link now.

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