Chord EGG manual ...... Thanks!

Paul Braun nerdware at
Fri Mar 17 07:49:37 CET 2000

Dang! You guys are good (and fast!)  I'm really glad I found this 
group. I've been wanting to play with this stuff for years, and now 
I'm getting around to it. Looks like I found the right place for 

Problem I discovering now is that when the vintage synths first 
came out, I couldn't play and couldn't afford one. Then the digital 
untis came out, and I still couldn't play but now they were more 

Then, suddenly, "Vintage" synths became all the collectable rage 
again and now I still can't play, but now, can't afford one again.

Maybe I'll come across that Minimoog or Taurus pedals at a garage 
sale somewhere.....or an ARP.....or an old Korg......

So, it looks like I'll have to fire up the iron and build some modules 
and patch together my own. Glad I found such a friendly bunch to 
help me.


Paul Braun
Cygnus Productions
nerdware_nospam at

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