Mixer Repair

Paul Braun nerdware at laidbak.com
Fri Mar 17 07:33:27 CET 2000

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Subject:        	Mixer Repair
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> I have a Mackie 1202 which is missing a channel two, I don't know if the
> channel is dead from the pre-amp or what, the rest of the mixer seems to
> function nicely, however.  Could anyone tell me how hard it would be to
> fix, etc. Rob Rickner Oh yeah, scans of the service manuals are of course
> pure gold!

If you call Mackie with your serial number (so they can get the right 
revision), they should send you a photocopy of the schemo. They 
did that for a 1402 I was working on, no problems, no hassles.

Paul Braun
Cygnus Productions
nerdware_nospam at laidbak.com

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