MAT-02 and MAT-04

Tony Clark clark at
Thu Mar 16 18:27:51 CET 2000

>     The MAT-02 has slightly better specs (Bulk resistance is about 0.1
> ohm less), which is probably not "real" significant.  The other
> consideration is crosstalk.  Since the MAT-04 would likely be used to do
> two VCO's, has anybody got any experience in unwanted syncing between
> oscilators using the same transistor array to do the exp function for
> both oscilators?


   I did extensive testing with MAT-02 and MAT-04 configurations.  Yes, 
you do get crosstalk using a MAT-04 as two expo-converter, even when 
connecting the substrate to Vss like you're supposed to.  How much you 
can tolerate is entirely your choice.
   My recommendation is just to either use just two of the transistors 
and leave the other two unconnected, or to parallel the transistors in a 
two-by-two relationship (doesn't make any noticeable operational 
   I have stopped buying the MAT-02's simply because I can get the same 
performance out of the MAT-04s at half the cost.  The matching of the 
MAT-04's is quite adequate for expo converters and I've built quite a 
number of VCO's that track wonderfully with them.
   In any case, you should definately experiment and figure out what you 
like the best.


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