Analog switches?

Harry Bissell harrybissell at
Thu Mar 16 03:54:58 CET 2000

I'm using DG444 (siliconix) but it requires a 5V logic supply... even if you
don't have 5V logic (logic can be anything within the supply range....

There are lots of switches from Maxim, Siliconix, and Analog Devices that are
equal or
better. The DG411 doesn't need the 5V supply...

OTOH I have a lifetime supply of DG444 so what the heck.... I use a Zener for
the 5V.
If I do any design using analog switches (hmmm whats he working on now???) I'll
pin out
for either 444 or 411.

H^)   Harry

The Old Crow wrote:

> On Wed, 15 Mar 2000, The Proteus wrote:
> >       I've been in pursuit of decent analog switches for quite some time
> > now, as I have been previously unsatisfied with the results when using
> > CMOS 4052's and 4066's. The best compromise I've seen so far is the
> > ADG333A from Analog Devices, but this is still a bit pricey ($5.12 in low
> > quantity) for my tastes. Anyone have any other analog and/or JFET switch
> > topologies they'd like to share with me?
>   Siliconix DG series.  DG308 (4 singles), DG508 (8 to 1), DG509 (dual 4
> to 1).  Great parts.  Used em for 20 years, will use them for 20 more!
> +/- 15V supplies without any problems.
> Crow
> /**/

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