EM&M Spectrum Synth

Roy E. Taylor roy_e_taylor at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 15 12:17:53 CET 2000

Dear Synth DIY,

I've been lurking the list for a while, and having recently, and 
successfully (OK, the punch switch dosn't seem to work yet - I'll hopefully 
sort that out tonight)  built a Paia Fatman I have been encouraged to 
progress onto something more difficult...

Years ago (OK when I was at school) I tried to build a Maplin Electronics & 
Music Maker 'Spectrum Synth'. I got all the bits, built it and got some of 
it working (my electronics skills at the age of 14 were pretty poor). 
Eventually I gave up, the case got hacked to bits, and the keyboard got 

Anyway I found the old pcbs, parts still there (including all the CEM chips, 
never used). So I'm going to try and build it into a semi modular in a 

Question is before I start, does anyone on the list have any experience with 
this? I have the original construction notes, minus pages 1-6 and those 
after page 26. Does anyone know what was on these pages? I have bits of 
these pages from the original E&MM articles, but not all of them.

I've also got the full 4800 and 5600 synth manual somewhere, but that's for 
the future :-)

Thanks folks,

Roy Taylor
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