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Wed Mar 15 00:03:07 CET 2000

6V6 is "not" a rectifier, its a beam power tube
(if I remember....)

They come in 6V6GT (glass tube) and 6V6 metal cans...
Try checking with Eric Barbour at Metasonics... he's the
expert in residence...

He might even read this... he's on the list also...

H^)  Harry

 ---- On Mar 14 matt wilson <sebsi23 at> wrote: 
> (apologies for the OT post; i don't know where else to ask!)
> i've just purchased a replacement 6V6 "tube" from an electronics
> store, but it sure doesn't look like the tube its replacing. the old
> item is clearly (literally!) a tube: glass, etc. the replacement is
> in a black metal can, and to my eyes does not look sealed at the
> bottom (hence, no vacuum, and more hence, not a "tube"?), although
> it states "6V6" on the side.  since this is a rectifier component, i'm
> guessing its solid state, and there are four big diodes in there.
> sure, it works, but my "tube" record player may no longer be
> tube.....
> can anyone confirm whether this black can is tubular?
> thx. sorry again for being OT....
> matt
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