tube question

J. Larry Hendry jlarryh at
Tue Mar 14 21:21:26 CET 2000

Matt,  The 6V6 tube is a beam power tube used in the output stage of the
audio amplifier.  It is not a rectifier.  Actually, the normal 6V6 tube has
a black metal case.  The 6V6GTA is the glass tube equivalent and they are
interchangeable.  The only difference in connection is that pin # 1 in not
connected on the glass version.  Pin # 1 is the metal shield connection on
the metal can.

Larry Hendry

> From: matt wilson <sebsi23 at>
> i've just purchased a replacement 6V6 "tube" from an electronics
> store, but it sure doesn't look like the tube its replacing. the old
> item is clearly (literally!) a tube: glass, etc. the replacement is
> in a black metal can, and to my eyes does not look sealed at the
> bottom (hence, no vacuum, and more hence, not a "tube"?), although
> it states "6V6" on the side.  since this is a rectifier component, i'm
> guessing its solid state, and there are four big diodes in there.
> sure, it works, but my "tube" record player may no longer be
> tube.....

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