Problems with paia VCA

John E Blacet blacet at
Tue Mar 14 12:06:13 CET 2000

Hmmmm, well the power supply problem is that it is overloaded! Or you
have a big current drawing boo-boo somewhere...
I'm not sure what the MIDICV8 has "left over" to supply the rest of the
modules, but you have to do the math especially if you have a bunch of
modules hooked up.

I notice that on the Paia Frac Rak supplies that they have rated the
+/-15V supplies as 200mA. This is 100 mA PER SIDE.

The Blacet PS200 is rated at 200mA per side (or 400mA TOTAL).

You can generally determine your current draw by adding up the positive
current requirements of your modules (the neg side is usually less).
There is nothing wrong with either rating system, but it can trip you up
if you don't spot the difference.

Too bad about the missing parts; it's hard to find people who can pay
attention to a parts pull these days. It's almost an art.

John Blacet
Blacet Research Music Electronics
blacet at
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