Re(2): unwanted sync

Michael Moncur mgm at
Tue Mar 14 07:49:38 CET 2000

on 06:46 AM 3/11/00 , Scott Gravenhorst wrote:

>  I have two fatman synths and I must say that I prefer
>the 7555 method.  It works at least as well as the LED method (I
>judge it to be superior by ear) and it is a simple drop in replacement.

I was going to do this with my FatMan but can't find a good source for a 
7555. Mouser has a ICM7555MTV for 6.84 each, which seems a bit high for any 
sort of 555. Jameco has a 7555IPA for .59. Is that one the same? JDR has an 
ICM7555IPA for .59.

OK, I lied. I *can* find sources... But which one of these would be the 
best choice?  I'm not sure what the MTV and IPA suffixes mean.

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