DSP synth basics?

patchell patchell at teletrac.com
Tue Mar 14 06:13:00 CET 2000

    I just talked with a moto rep last week.  The 56002 is no longer
recomended for new designs, and is being phased out but will be availiable
for some time.  The 56001, which is the part that I was originally using the
in the design will no longer be availible.  The recomended part to use is the

    Also of interest to me, the 680x0 is being phased out (sob...).  Various
parts will be availible for the forseeable furture but again are not
recomended for new designs.  Motorolla recomends the use of the Coldfire
instead.  Also, motorolla is moving away from 5 volt parts.  All new designs
are recomended to be 3.3 volts (what is the world coming to).

    I am planning to stock up on 68000's real quick here (probably 10) .

    And on another note, I ordered my ATSTK200 for the Atmel AVR's today to
use in place of my other favorite (6502).  The one sure fire thing I hate
about change is change.


danial stocks wrote:

> Altho someone has been attempting to sell 56002's on ebay for big sums of
> money as they claim motorola no longer make them? TI also make DSP eval
> modules with their TMS320xx series DSP's audio ins outs etc
> Cheers,
> Dan
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