DSP synth basics?

The Proteus proteus at ugwarehouse.org
Tue Mar 14 03:47:05 CET 2000

Troy & List,

	Your best bet for a beginning DSP kit is (IMO) A Motorola 56002 or
56303 DSP Evaluation module. This product comes with audio I/O on board,
and a complete linker/assembler packages. Motorola also has a complete
development software set on their web site. I believe the cost of these
units vary between $199-$299. You can find information on these products



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On Mon, 13 Mar 2000, Troy Sheets wrote:

> Can anyone recommend a book that talks about the basics of synth DSP
> programming?  How to do filters, oscillators, PWM, Ring Modulation, ect
> in DSP?
> Any suggestions on good platforms to play with this stuff?  I am looking
> for low-cost DSP solutions that could power a simple monosynth.
> thanks,
> -troy
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