datasheet for ssm2220

tomg efm3 at
Mon Mar 13 23:02:51 CET 2000

You can use it but the pnps in the CA3096 are pretty crap. A better
bet would be a Japanese pair. I like the 2SA979s but they are getting
rare. You can get the 2SA1376 ($0.68) and the 2SA1084 ($0.80) from
MCM ($25 min)

BTW these are good for VCO5 use too..;-)

or call 1-800-543-4330


> I'm looking for the ssm2220 datasheet... Couldn't find it on the net. Hope
> someone of you can help me out again.
> I can also easily get CA3096. But the PNP pair isn't matched. Would this
> a problem for this application? How much can they differ, and how much
> this have to bother me? Any naughty tricks to get around?
> Thanks again...
> Roel
> (Sorry about sending the drawing again, for the slow connections ...)

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