datasheet for ssm2220

Roel Das Roel.Das at
Mon Mar 13 18:22:45 CET 2000

I'm looking for the ssm2220 datasheet... Couldn't find it on the net. Hope
someone of you can help me out again.

I can also easily get CA3096. But the PNP pair isn't matched. Would this be
a problem for this application? How much can they differ, and how much does
this have to bother me? Any naughty tricks to get around?

Thanks again...

(Sorry about sending the drawing again, for the slow connections ...)

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Onderwerp: Re: Part numbers matched transistors...

> Analog Devices SSM2220. That's what I use!
> Paul S.
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> > I'm looking for part numbers of matched PNP transistors... Something
> > commenly available. Or a current mirror, as in the attached picture.
> > from the prophet V glide circuit).
> >
> >
> > Thanks
> > Roel.
> >

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