Small midi-kbd

tomg efm3 at
Mon Mar 13 03:40:20 CET 2000

I found some tiny footprint midi keyboards. They are
pretty much crap but are about the same size as a
standard pc kbd and ultra convenient. It's nice to 
have to be able to punch in a tune without having
to crank up the whole midi rig. I have had a pretty 
good time with mine so I though I would offer..... 

If enough people want one, I'll buy some up while
they are available. I'm thinking $50 + $10s&h (USA)
would make it worth my time. So if you want one let
me know in the next day or so and I'll put you on the

NOTE: There are only about 50 they
could go fast. The software and midi cable included
is for the PC only. 

I don't know about shipping these things out of the
country...It could be expensive, but I'll check it out
if somebody wants one. 

Important things they don't have.

1 - No velocity
2 - No bender
3 - The keys are not full sized.
4 - Keys are a little touchy - Hair trigger so to speak.
5 - No battery compartment ( runs on 9V 100mA )

Good points.

1 - Tiny
2 - Convent
3 - Always available.

Package includes..

The MusicStar keyboard
AC adapter
CD - Full of pretty crap PC software
Midi In to PC- Joystick w/passthrough cable.

Here's a pic of the package. 

NOTE: the pc keyboard is just there for comparison 
and not part of the package. It's mine and you can't
have it...;-)

Here's the back, showing the standard midi-port

So does anybody want a MusicStar?


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