(Ot)Porno music, synth's in a condom?

Bjorn Julin bnillson at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 12 23:43:46 CET 2000


Lying in my bed (late night 02:45) listening to a CD
whit Ralph Lundsten,(a collecters record, nr888-008,
Andromeda AB, 1988) in this CD there is a tune that
has a title "cosmic love", quite spacy sounding
tunes and voices, as i'm listening, i read
the notes in the CD covers and it says:
"Cosmic Love"
An excellent example of Lundsten's rythmic, sensual
and suggestive Andromeda music is Cosmic Love, one
of the most unhibited erotic pieces of music
ever composed.""

Lars Sjoberg 1970

At first i just didn't reflect much on this statement
but after a minute or so after i listened more closely
to what the voices in the tune actually says, or "breaths"
and suddenly, it strikes me directly what he meant, and now
i was absolutely clear about what they actually are doing
in this tune!!!!

"""They are copulating heavily!!.""""
As americans says, ""they having intercoursed sexasusall"""..

Outrageous, copulating in a CD tune, must be banned at once"
ban,ban,ban, autobahn , etc.

Most list readers here have in their lifteme
(if not, well then "you" are a member of a religous sect)
at some point has been looking at a porno movie, and
while doing so you may have noticed the bad music
that is the soundtrack of the film.

Why is it so?
Bob Moog once said in an interwiev that he started his
Moog Music in the local where the owner did the music
and or the material for porno movies!!

But i have never heard any bleeps and blop's in a
porno movie from a moog modular?? Not that im a
frequent porno movie looking dude but perhaps the
porno movies would have been so much better if there
would have been some decent synth tones in those movies!
What about some "stum" porno movie??

Well, back to the CD tune, i must say that this
Ralph Lundsten tune is absolutely the best porno
music i ever come across!

Its absolutely brilliant koncept of this "hum-hum"
done between two persons described by electronic
music! Try to go listening to this tune
and make your judgement!

So,folks at synth diy list, do "you"
make your own synth porno music?

BJ (in the land of condoms!)

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