ms2000 (review? or ad ??)

Bjorn Julin bnillson at
Sun Mar 12 04:29:22 CET 2000

>One other thing....did anybody else see that ad or know anything
>about a OB-12?? This is really starting to be fun!! A new Moog
>a new Korg and a new OB??...Too cool..

Yes, at:

Its expencive like hell, as most AM synths is today,
dont forgett the Q from the puppet doll makers in germany.

Besides i dont like the MS 2000, its a nice looking design
but here in "enourmously-jätte-unbeliveable-bjorn borg-
abba-smorgasborad- sweden it is expencive and so are
particullary all the synths.

Soo, everybådy on the synth diylist, go home, dont come
here to swedden, stay home, bhfghjkadjhgklalkj.,.
,.,ewfkwjefo fwsfdsf!!!!!!!

BJ (who is totally nutts in his but)

> > I spent some time playing with the Korg ms2000 today. In a single
> > word "WOW". It's like they built a synth just for me. It's just plain
> > purdy(sic).
> >
> > Think of a super slick pro-one, no plastic anywhere. The sides are
> > aluminum but have a simulated wood look.  They look indestructible.
> > The panel is a (fatman) brushed blue w/b&w labels. It's a little hard
> > to read in direct light but it is readable. The knobs feel good and are
> > responsive. There is a typical green 3 line display for patch names
> > and parimeters.
> >
> > It seems to be the hybrid synth I was dreaming out loud about last
> > year sometime. It sounds....great!! There is just no other way to say
> > it. The filter is a tracking self-res low pass. I was a little
> > not to see a dual hi/lo in the ms20 tradition but it still actually 
> > good! Leading me to believe it's analog not modeled. I could be fooled
> > I guess, modeling has come a long way in the past year.
> >
> > This is one beautiful synth and the best part?? How about a $900 price
> > tag. Mars priced it at $880. The evil empire better watch out Korg has
> > just changed everything having to do with current modeler/synth pricing.
> > As a matter of fact it puts a new face on the used market too. I walked
> > into another (unnamed) store and almost choked on the Juno106 for
> > $650.  I guess I can forget trying to get $1000s  for the JP6 on eBay
> > hehehe...;-) But I do have to start trying to put $900 bucks together 
> > that new ms2000..
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >

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