ms2000 (review? or ad ??)

tomg efm3 at
Sun Mar 12 06:45:02 CET 2000

I spent some time playing with the Korg ms2000 today. In a single
word "WOW". It's like they built a synth just for me. It's just plain

Think of a super slick pro-one, no plastic anywhere. The sides are 
aluminum but have a simulated wood look.  They look indestructible. 
The panel is a (fatman) brushed blue w/b&w labels. It's a little hard 
to read in direct light but it is readable. The knobs feel good and are 
responsive. There is a typical green 3 line display for patch names
and parimeters. 

It seems to be the hybrid synth I was dreaming out loud about last
year sometime. It sounds....great!! There is just no other way to say
it. The filter is a tracking self-res low pass. I was a little disappointed
not to see a dual hi/lo in the ms20 tradition but it still actually sounds
good! Leading me to believe it's analog not modeled. I could be fooled
I guess, modeling has come a long way in the past year. 

This is one beautiful synth and the best part?? How about a $900 price 
tag. Mars priced it at $880. The evil empire better watch out Korg has
just changed everything having to do with current modeler/synth pricing. 
As a matter of fact it puts a new face on the used market too. I walked
into another (unnamed) store and almost choked on the Juno106 for
$650.  I guess I can forget trying to get $1000s  for the JP6 on eBay
hehehe...;-) But I do have to start trying to put $900 bucks together for
that new ms2000..


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