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Per Mattsson XinclXsynth-diy at
Sat Mar 11 19:15:57 CET 2000

harrybissell at skriver:

>The things to watch for are mostly power supply routes. Use the routes to force
>current to flow where you want it. The best layout would have the oscillators
>physically separated at three corners of the board, with common circuits
>in the fourth... (makes
>sense yes??)
Shure. My idea was to make a board with three identical VCOs. Each VCO is
an independant unit just like it's done on the ASM board. The only thing
interconnecting these "modules" are the power connections. However I
intended to have only three VCOs on this board, nothing else.
Then I make four of these boards.

>Think about thermal
>issues too, the VCO nearest the top of the enclosure is probably the warmest
The four boards will be mounted ontop of each other so there will be some
heat, hopefully distributed evenly among the VCOs though. I'm just in the
idea phase yet so I'm not shure what will come out of this.

>Are you going to build and sell these...
No no, just for myself..  Onesided homemade boards. I just make the pcbs in
the kitchen with the etching pan heated on the stove like most people :) I
need to make boards since I'm aiming for SMDs otherwise veroboards might be
a  better solution for this little project.

>SMT can be hard with a "100 watt American Beauty" (soldering iron).
The first time I soldered SMDs (lured into it by Mr. smorgasbord BJ) was a
nightmare but it turned out alot smoother than I expected. So I'm prepared
to do it again.

---Per Mattsson

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