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Hey! Those 2 guys were my professors at Texas A&M University 20 years ago!!

Paul Schreiber
Synthesis Technology <<see OTA filters in action!!

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> Hi Bjorn,
> >Could anybody give me a good exp. of how VCf's work? (esp. the ones with
> >OTAs). This would make it alot easier to modify/design circuits. I have a
> >lot of shematics, but I can't find any explanation. I'm quite into
> >electronis and DIY, so don't be afraid beeing to technical.
> If you've got acces to a electronics library at university or so then
> this:
> Active filter design using operationl transconductance amplifiers: a
> tutorial
> Randall L. Geiger and Edgar Sanchez-Sinencio
> IEEE circuits and devices march 1985 page 20-32
> If other people are interested I can make some scans of the article and
> them on my website.
> Bye,
> Heiko

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