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Batz Goodfortune batzman at all-electric.com
Fri Mar 10 09:22:54 CET 2000

Y-ellow Y'all.
	First of all. Thanks for everyone for their help. I got it to work
eventually. It wouldn't work on this machine but I eventually tricked it on
the server. And hopefully by the time you read this you'll be able to find
the results on my FTP site if interested.

There is something crazy about this machine. It kept bombing because it
couldn't find the font it was using. Even though it was actually using it??
I always did have a post script printer driver onboard for a couple of
different HPs. So I could transport PS files for printing on various
out-of-house printers etc. And I have to use GHOSTSCRIPT and GHOSTVIEW in
order to get PCBs and Circuits out of PROTEL of course. Though I have to
admit I hate the damn things. I can never get a correct size image out of it.

But as soon as I put the PS printer driver in on the server it popped up
and worked. I put in some HP colour laser printer or other because I
thought it would allow me to do colour images within the PDFs.

Out of interest, The PDF distiller comes with PM. Along with QuickTime,
which I think has caused problems on the server. I know QT has caused big
problems here where it has stolen all of the associations it shouldn't. Now
I can't log onto a web page with a wav file or shockwave without QT
thinking it should take over. There's also a pile of other stuff on that CD
but I haven't investigated it. All I wanted to do was make some PDFs. The
only reason I was playing round with HTML was because the PDF thing
wouldn't work.

For the record I do all my HTML work thus far in an editor. They gave me
all this shit to try and make doing HTML  faster. IE: Cost them less money.
But all of it is crap. Especially that damn FrontPage thing. Man! My code
may not be right up there with the state of the art but by the time
FrontPage has finished fucking with it, it's illegible and generally only
works with InternetExploiter.

I've not tried PageMill. I'm not sure if they got that or not. A lot of the
stuff they gave me to use, Like Microsoft Turd, I took back to work and
left it there. Disgusted as I was with having to dig myself out of a hole
that FrontPage left me in. But if you reckon PageMill is good then I'll see
if we've got a copy and try it. The server's got a lot more room on it now
anyway so It's no great problem installing this stuff. 

Although for some reason now, every time I call PageMaker, it also calls
part of Retro-AS1. Go figure?

The two articles I rendered up are from SiliconChip March 1995. I did them
because I borrowed the mag and have to give it back and they were of
interest to me right at the moment. And because I obviously needed to
acquire the skill and now seemed the time. Those two articles being.

A Car subwoofer made from PVC stormwater pipe and an IR illuminator project.

The Car Subbwoofer was of particular interest because I need a pair of
subs, I've got the amps for them. I just don't have the room. These looked
a kinda interesting and space saving idea. Rather like a BOSE wave cannon
kind of thing.

The IR thing it self is of no use to me really but it uses this switch mode
regulator that can step up. It was more of a starting point than anything
and set me on a search for a lower input voltage version. Which I've found.

But if you want to take a look, they turned out fairly decent. And now I
can start scanning and PDFing a host of other stuff as the need and fancy
takes me.

Thanks again for all your help people. I really appreciate it.

Be absolutely Icebox.

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