Ultra-quiet PC colling; a different approach

danial stocks diode at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 10 05:44:02 CET 2000

>Is there a problem with a peltier cooler
>causing condensation? I mean, just standing a cold drink
>can on the desk gets quite a puddle.

There could be.. The peltier device generates a constant temperature 
difference between it's surfaces usu abt 50 -60C when running at full power. 
so the cold face is 60C lower than what ever temp the hot face is.. if you 
had a really good heatsink then you could hold the hot side to 0C with some 
ice cubes and have a -60C cryogenic cooler [obviously not intended to go 
into the computer in this case] but in practice if we said that the heatsink 
to ambient was abt 1C/w, and the cpu dissipates 30W, and the peltier uses 
the same amt, then that puts the hot side 60C above ambient temp, and with a 
60C temp diff that means that the processor is held nicely @ ambient 
temperature.. If you were to use a more efficient heatsink, then you could 
get the proc. below ambient temperature, which could cause some condensation 
on a very humid day... A shop in Sydney had a peltier on display when they 
first came out for cpu's - it was running not attached to a computer and 
there was ice building up on it!

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