power supply question

Theo Hogers t.hogers at home.nl
Fri Mar 10 02:19:44 CET 2000

Hi Roel,
RTFM man! Only connect the ground.
The STK300 has a more or less separated supply for the external headers,
suspect the STK200 works the same.
If you blow the 78L05 only the RS232 and (if conected) the LCD display
are without power,the rest of the board runs either 5 or 3.3V from the 317.

Cheers Theo.

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Subject: power supply question

> Does it hurt if you connect an external power supply to a device, after
> own voltage regulator circuit?
> I want to use an external power supply on Atmel's STK200, is it okay to
> connect the ground and 5v of the external power supply to some of the
> STK200's gnd and 5V out?
> I does work, but does it hurt the internal power circuit?
> Thanks
> Roel

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