Depleted Uranium (way OT)

danial stocks diode at
Thu Mar 9 20:10:16 CET 2000

        I am under the impression that when a U238 shell impacts
        an armor plate the
        compression of the U238 slug causes it to heat up and
        bore through the
        plate. I think that is why they are used as armor
        piercing rounds.

     I thought the whole idea is that the depleted Uranium core
     is very hard and
     very heavy, so when the bullet impacts on the armor, the
     core comes out to
     the front of the bullet and crashes through the armor.I
     think they made some
     similar armor piercing rounds with tungsten cores but
     switched to uranium
     because it was cheaper, being leftovers from the nuclear
     power industry. Oh,
     and someone earlier suggested that you might get poisoned by
     the uranium if
     you were shot by it - not coz' it's radioactive, but simply
     a poisonous
     metal... I dont think lead poisoning is usually a high
     priority matter when
     people get shot by ordinary lead bullets, so even if you did
     contact the
     uranium core while being shot by it, I dont think it would
     poison, just
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