LM13600 and CA3280

Jim Patchell patchell at teletrac.com
Thu Mar 9 19:18:08 CET 2000

    The CA3280 and LM13600/13700 do the same things, but they are not
equivelent when using the diode linearization.  Also, the CA3280 does
not have a darlington buffer.  For linearization, the LM13600/13700 just
provides a pair of diodes.  You have to bias them youself.  The CA3280
has current mirrors inside the device to bias the diodes.

    Without the diode linearization, they are pretty much the same in
operation (OTA that is).


Heiko van der Linden wrote:

>  Hi there, I have checked a few manufacturers for replacements for
> dual OTA's and at intersilI found the CA3280 (dual 3080). Would this
> be a good substitute for the LM13600 ? Bye,Heiko

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