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Wed Mar 8 17:00:57 CET 2000

Y-ellow Y'all.
	In my general quest to do the things I said I'd do when I finally afforded
a scanner, I came across a photo of the old L-MIX (Live Mixer) system I
built and used through out about half of the 1990s.

People asked about this -as well as other things- a long time ago but I
haven't been able to do much about it till now.

I have quickly cobbled together a page with two pictures and some pointers
to what things are on the panels. Plus something of an explanation of how
the system worked and how it was used.

I also included some text about the "ANALOGUE SAMPLER"tm. I know some
people were more than a little curious about this. Unfortunately there are
no pictures of the AS it self but you can see from this photo how it was
used. I still have some of the original circuits and when I get the chance
to rebuild this stuff on the site I'll do it.

In the mean time for anyone interested the gURL is.


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