Paying the EE dues [OT]

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Tue Mar 7 19:15:19 CET 2000

patchell <patchell at> wrote:
>    I know what you mean.  I purchased my home in '94 when prices were pretty
>depressed up here in Santa Barbara.  Right now, I cannot even afford to
>purchase my own home (1200 sq ft, 3bd,2bath are at $350K now).  The house next
>door (same as mine) is renting for $2000/mo.  I can't figure out who could
>afford that, but they do.
>    Right now, I am trying to find a new EE job because my current employer is
>not doing well and we haven't had pay increases now for 2 years.  Trouble is,
>in this area $60K seems to be what the companies want to pay for an EE.  Oh
>well, what can you say.
>    -Jim

Become a contracting consultant like me.  The work I do is the
envy of the "permanent engineers" (I am not degreed) and I get
paid more than twice what they do.  Plus because of a well
made deal, I get paid milage (yes I do) and work a 4 day 10 hour
week.  BTW, mine was a 2 month contract.  I've been there 14
months, got a raise at 10 months and there's no sign of the job
going away anytime soon.  I get a room full of toys to play with,
they have to do the Gant charts.  <snicker>.  Personally, I will
never take a "permanent" job again.  I must say, however, doing
what I do, performance is everything.  And knowing who to make
happy.  I've pulled a few fuzzy clean white rabbits out of my
ass a few times and saved their sorry butts.  But I always smile
and say kind things to them.

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