Paying the EE dues [OT]

J. Larry Hendry jlarryh at
Wed Mar 8 04:43:21 CET 2000

> From: patchell <patchell at>
>     I know what you mean.  I purchased my home in '94 when prices were
> depressed up here in Santa Barbara.  Right now, I cannot even afford to
> purchase my own home (1200 sq ft, 3bd,2bath are at $350K now).  The house
> door (same as mine) is renting for $2000/mo.  I can't figure out who
> afford that, but they do.
>     Right now, I am trying to find a new EE job because my current
employer is
> not doing well and we haven't had pay increases now for 2 years.  Trouble
> in this area $60K seems to be what the companies want to pay for an EE. 
> well, what can you say.
>     -Jim

Well, Jim I can tell you...  You guys pay a heavy price to live in that
part of the country.  Move to the Midwest.  The county on the north side of
Indianapolis, Indiana is one of the top growing in the nation.  Contrary to
popular belief, all that is silicon is not grown in CA.  Delco/Delphi that
makes damn near every chip and electronic gizmo that goes in 1/2 the
world's cars in right hear in north central Indiana.  BSEEs in Indiana also
make $60 to 80k.  But, that $350K you get when you sell your house out
there will buy you a virtual mansion here.  I live in a 2400 square foot
tri level, 3 BR 3 Bath on SIX acres of woods.  Appraised value is MUCH less
than $150K.  Income to cost-of-living ratio is not much better anywhere. 
Of course, we have that winter thing about 3 months a year.  And, the air
is pretty clean here.

Larry (who can actually afford a house) Hendry

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