Paying the EE dues [OT]

patchell patchell at
Wed Mar 8 02:30:46 CET 2000

Barry L Klein wrote:

> Down here (Orange County, CA) the hot ticket is Broadcom.  They give you
> the right to buy thousand(s) of shares of their stock at the price it is
> when you start.  Their parking lot is full of Lamborgini's, Porches, etc.
> etc.  But they still have no where for me to advance to - they just would
> want me as a tech.  Hell, the stock has gone up enough in the last few
> weeks to mean over 100K.  But they work their people (engineers) like dogs
> and the CEO enjoys being an Ahole from what I read.  If you like that
> environment, go for it.
> $65K is barely enough to survive on if you want your own house.  We live
> in a very small house 12 miles from the I5 freeway and its probably worth
> $240K now.  But to move into something with say 4 bedrooms and/or a 3 car
> garage (for your work area) is like $400K.  Association dues $170 mo.  and
> taxes $8K/year.  And they're building hundreds of them out in the hills
> right now.  What the heck do these people do for a living anyway??

    I know what you mean.  I purchased my home in '94 when prices were pretty
depressed up here in Santa Barbara.  Right now, I cannot even afford to
purchase my own home (1200 sq ft, 3bd,2bath are at $350K now).  The house next
door (same as mine) is renting for $2000/mo.  I can't figure out who could
afford that, but they do.

    Right now, I am trying to find a new EE job because my current employer is
not doing well and we haven't had pay increases now for 2 years.  Trouble is,
in this area $60K seems to be what the companies want to pay for an EE.  Oh
well, what can you say.




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