Paying the EE dues [long winded]

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Wed Mar 8 01:40:25 CET 2000

From: Barry L Klein <Barry.L.Klein at>
Subject: RE: Re: Paying the EE dues [long winded]
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 12:00:48 -0800 (Pacific Standard Time)

> Down here (Orange County, CA) the hot ticket is Broadcom.  They give you
> the right to buy thousand(s) of shares of their stock at the price it is
> when you start.  Their parking lot is full of Lamborgini's, Porches, etc.
> etc.  But they still have no where for me to advance to - they just would
> want me as a tech.  Hell, the stock has gone up enough in the last few
> weeks to mean over 100K.  But they work their people (engineers) like dogs
> and the CEO enjoys being an Ahole from what I read.  If you like that
> environment, go for it.


I have drilled my CEO to drive me home! ;)
No, I am not one of the founders! ;)

(OK, it doesn't happen often, I admitt, but he lives close to me so... ;)

But really, a stock option deal worth 100k USD is what you get when you come
in late, you can do better outside the Valley, but I know for a fact that you
can do MUCH better than that if you get in early on the right company.

There are basically three types of companies here:

1) those that will not make it
2) those that will try to stand on their own legs by their products
3) those that where created to be a buy-up

While the first migth not be the best deal to start with, it may not be the end
of the world. The second type is a pretty good deal, some of these can become
quite large over time anyway. The third type could easilly turn into the first
type, but without a good turnup, but if they succeed in beingcomming a buy-up
for a good price, then you can a pretty sweet deal, but count on beeing locked
up for some time. It migth be a head ache in the end. Yeah, type 2 companies
can easilly become a type 1 company.


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