ultra-quiet pc cooling

Rob cyborg_0 at iquest.net
Wed Mar 8 00:37:15 CET 2000

Well, I think I have figured it out.. diy water-cooling.

Take some tin and make a box about the size of your processor. Use a brazing
torch and body solder  and solder all the joints. Drill a couple of holes in
the box for your in and out for your water. Take some copper tubing and
solder a couple of stems to the holes in the box.

Get a salvaged motorcycle oil cooler or a power steering fluid cooler or
some type of fluid radiator type cooler thats fairly small. Set it outside
your PC case.

Get a fishtank water pump, run some hose from your CPU heat exchanger (the
box) and run some more to your radiator. Then, connect the radiator back to
the unused end of your heat exchanger.

Fill it with distilled water and turn on the pump. Get one of those whisper
pumps too, and it will be far less noise than any cpu fan you have.. If you
are slick, you could also clip another exchanger to your powersupply fets
and route it in the loop to cool your powersupply and get rid of your
powersupply fan too.

BTW, for all who are concerned about water, distilled water is fairly safe
around most electronics, so if a leak develops, its very unlikely that
anything more than a wet spot will result.

Ahh, nothing but a fluid dampened whirr in the distant backround..  :)

I am actually buying a kit to do this. From what I have heard, it works
wonderfully, and its very quiet. Not all that expensive either. Originally I
was going the route explained above, but I had the money so I figured I
would avoid the hassle. Compared to gas evaporators ala Kryotech, this is
VERY cheap, and it doesnt require an HVAC guy with any tanks of special gas
to come by to refill/fix it.

Check out www.heatsink-guide.com for more info.


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