Paying the EE dues [long winded]

Jason Maston jmaston at
Wed Mar 8 00:20:35 CET 2000

>$65K is barely enough to survive on if you want your own house.  We live
>in a very small house 12 miles from the I5 freeway and its probably worth
>$240K now.  But to move into something with say 4 bedrooms and/or a 3 car
>garage (for your work area) is like $400K.  Association dues $170 mo.  and
>taxes $8K/year.  And they're building hundreds of them out in the hills
>right now.  What the heck do these people do for a living anyway??

I think they commute for a living, why do you think there are always cars
on the LA Freeways?  I haven't found out who pays them yet, but when I do...


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