when to heat sink?

Rob cyborg_0 at iquest.net
Wed Mar 8 00:24:40 CET 2000

It would be cool, too, to make some little circular clips out of pieces of
copper tubing. Just cut a ring of copper tubing, and slit it down the length
to make a little split ring. Then, open it and slide it around the two
trannies and you prlly wont need the goop.
The copper will act as a spring of sorts, and hold the two trannies together
(its good to have both the flat sides of the trannies facing each other). It
will also aid to have the temps match up fairly well.


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Subject: when to heat sink?

> i am building a tomG design and am wondering.....
> when and where should i apply heat sink compound?
> as far as i know, 2 transistors touching each other should share some of
> this white goopy stuff.
> is it a good idea to apply it to *all* transistors?
> are there any other components that require it?
> mark

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