Paying the EE dues [long winded]

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> Down here (Orange County, CA) the hot ticket is Broadcom.  They give you
> the right to buy thousand(s) of shares of their stock at the price it is
> when you start.  Their parking lot is full of Lamborgini's, Porches, etc.
> etc.  But they still have no where for me to advance to - they just would
> want me as a tech

I quit. I think Im actually going to quit right now, go swoon a bunch of
venture capitalists, take the money and move to mexico and start a cult. Its
so much more sensical than starting an internet company, because at least
with me, everyone will KNOW I will never turn a profit within a month or
two! :))
Plus, it won't screw up the stock market.

My conscience will be better off for it..

I would rather worship psychotropic cactii than a porsche. Please let the
above never be me.


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