Paying the EE dues [long winded]

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> I suppose the engineering working environment is not always very nice. I
> was lucky for 13 years working for a very small industrial control
> company. Got to put a lot of things right, but stepped on a few toes
> doing it. Learned a bunch, and was even allowed much creativity.
> As opposed to a couple of years at HP/Agilent where everything is
> "Process". Felt like a cult to me, not that I ever have experienced one.

Hrrm..  Not much better than almost getting a 25mm depleted uranium cannon
round through the chest, thats for sure! ;)

Heh! Gotta love them union workers! Can't fire em, can't kill em, and they
make more than you cause they get paid overtime! (but they sure in the hell
can try to kill you, being salaried and such)

Every job since that one has been a dream.

BTW, anyone know what the chance of survival is for someone with DU
contamination in a wound?


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