Paying the EE dues [long winded]

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Down here (Orange County, CA) the hot ticket is Broadcom.  They give you
the right to buy thousand(s) of shares of their stock at the price it is
when you start.  Their parking lot is full of Lamborgini's, Porches, etc.
etc.  But they still have no where for me to advance to - they just would
want me as a tech.  Hell, the stock has gone up enough in the last few
weeks to mean over 100K.  But they work their people (engineers) like dogs
and the CEO enjoys being an Ahole from what I read.  If you like that
environment, go for it.

$65K is barely enough to survive on if you want your own house.  We live
in a very small house 12 miles from the I5 freeway and its probably worth
$240K now.  But to move into something with say 4 bedrooms and/or a 3 car
garage (for your work area) is like $400K.  Association dues $170 mo.  and
taxes $8K/year.  And they're building hundreds of them out in the hills
right now.  What the heck do these people do for a living anyway??
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On Tue, Mar 07, 2000 at 12:44:51PM -0000, Tony Allgood wrote:
> >The *average starting salary* is like $65,000/yr. Most companies will
> now *give you* stock options worth over $100,000 in 4 years.
> Perhaps its time to move to the US...


Someone I know *very* well...

had 3 years of relevent EE experience, moved to a hot networking company
in the Valley and now is a multi-millionare on paper.

Look at the stock performance of some of these companies:


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