Clock Divider

John E Blacet blacet at
Tue Mar 7 09:05:28 CET 2000

Hi Jozka:

You might want to look at the data sheet for the Blacet MIDI-Sync IC
located below. It shows the use of the 4018 and the 4520 as dividers. In
general, dividing by factors of two is pretty easy and a lot of CMOS ICs
will do this. Dividing by odd numbers seems to be the forte of the 4018.
By using these two chips and with the help of a data book, you can get
the divisions you are looking for. The "CMOS Cookbook" by Don Lancaster
is still a great reference for these chips. It's available under "Books"
at our site.

John Blacet
Blacet Research Music Electronics
blacet at
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