Etherwave Theremin and PV-1 nuptuials

Harry Bissell harrybissell at
Tue Mar 7 05:34:47 CET 2000

The Etherwave Theremin and PV-1 Pitch to voltage converter have "tied
the knot"
The PV-1 lives in a cast aluminum box beneath the Theremin (would that
make the theremin the 'boy'???  Naw....).
Powered from the theremin and sports (4) 1/4" jacks... Ext Audio in
(normallized to theremin), +10V Gate out, Volume CV out, and Pitch CV

Very hip companion to Pro One.  Oscillator sync and filter control will
make you wave your hands around in the air like an idiot !!!

Reception to be held a AHMW2000. All invited.
Hope to have photo soon....

H^)    harry

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