How to go from Ultiboard to GIF or somthing like that.

Theo Hogers t.hogers at
Tue Mar 7 03:17:30 CET 2000

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Hi everybody
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I like to put some of my stuf online.
It's verry cool, at least my mother said so, before she asked; "What does it do?".  ;-)

The point is that I did every thing in Ulitboard/Ulticab.
I'm not sure but I think it's pretty useless for most people that way.
Has somebody a suggestion how to convert these files to GIF.
For the schematics screen shots may do the trick (anny recommandations?).
What about the PCB's, is there a conversion util?, 
will screen shots do? or do I need to scan print outs? 

I'm a little on a blind on this.
Greetings Theo.
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