Education questions.

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Mon Mar 6 19:28:32 CET 2000

>From: KA4HJH <ka4hjh at>
>Subject: Re: Education questions. (NOT FAIR)

>What's always bugged the hell out of me is when they take the best
>tech off the bench and make him middle management--which he has no
>talent for whatsoever.

However that tech can grow in management. There is no paths open to move a
tech into engineering. With out the diploma, you are not an engineer. At
least this is what I heard for 20+ years as a tech. My technical experience
let me move into management where they needed someone that could understand
what the engineers were talking about. Soon I was defending the budgets that
paid the engineers.

EEs are wonderful, have lots of fun playing with all the shiny equipment and
make the world go round (Sony play station 2 just launched). But management
is necessary also. So get the degree in whatever you want and figure out how
to live the life you want.

Tim Daugard
{Who works with money and plays at electronics - engineering and
construction. Any one want to sort through 200 1.8k resistors to find 37
that match?}

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