Kinda OT: Binaural recording

Barry L Klein Barry.L.Klein at
Mon Mar 6 18:53:47 CET 2000

Sorry this isn't strictly about building synths, but about recording

What I want to do is experiment with creating 3D recordings using binaural
techniques.  So I want to play a stereo/mono track(s) while recording with
in-ear binaural mics and placing the speakers or microphones where
necessary to get the placement I want.  I have molds of ears that I can
place mics in and move them around to get bizarre placements etc.  and I
can also just put the mics in my ears and rotate my own head while
listening to my monitors or a single sound source.  But my question is:
when doing this I would expect a difference in sound quality due to the
effects of the environment and the mics themselves.  So what would you
recommend as a process to equalize the secondary binaural recordings to
get them up to the quality of the original sound?  Is there some way to
play a master noise file and then analyse it for harmonic content, record
this with the binaural mics and then analyse it too and then easily come
up with a means to process the recorded file and restore the missing
harmonic content - or just do it on the fly in the future?  I have
Acoustic Modeler, Sound Forge, stuff like that....   Is there something
new that might easily accomplish this?  I think I've asked this question
before - maybe a couple years ago - but so much new DSP stuff has come out
that maybe there is something that will easily work for it....


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