How do I get removed from list? yes by several Mafia ways!!!

Tim Daugard daugard at
Mon Mar 6 17:55:51 CET 2000

Or come to Florida. We can take you out on the Gulf of Mexico. Concrete
boots and you can be an artificial reef or no concrete and you can float
until the sun or the fish get you. At least once or twice a year someone
goes out in a fifteen foot boat in ten foot seas. If you want to play
teenage tourist you can run a jet ski into a concrete bridge piling.

Tim Daugard

{who spent the weekend building speakers and mic preamps instead of going to
the beach}

> Or i could take some cement and tip you into the
> lake of Stockholm called Riddarfjärden!!
> (wery nice, can recomend)

Naturally, BJ provides the best of service, since Riddarfjärden is a much
nicer place than Nybroviken where the really bad guys dip their people with
cement footing.

> BJ (in the land of remowers)

Magnus (in the land of BJ but still on dry land ;)

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