Playing the modular through my home stereo

Doug Tymofichuk dougt at
Mon Mar 6 17:43:02 CET 2000

On Sat, 04 Mar 2000 02:56:34 +0100 Magnus Danielson 
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> Please give your definition of "top notch system".

O.K., I will avoid this particular pitfall by rephrasing; 
I have found that the higher quality and definition of the 
playback system, the better the music will sound, whether 
it is real acoustic instruments recorded in real space, or 
totally artificially generated electronic music.

BTW, many electrostatic speakers (such as my own) do not 
require crossover networks at all, completely eliminating 
all of the problems associated with them. Full range 
drivers = spectral coherence!
Doug Tymofichuk
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