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on 01:42 AM 3/6/00 , Rob Rickner wrote:
>I've just discovered the wonders of all-electronics cheap surplus.  Does
>anyone have a list of other good surplus companies?

Dunno which ones you already know about, but here are some:

Marlin P. Jones and Associates
Electronic components,power supplies, connectors, etc. - their print catalog
is more comprehensive (but less colorful) than their Web site.

Electronics Goldmine
Lots of individual components and grab bags, great prices. Their
Web site isn't as useful as their printed catalog.

All Electronics Corp.
Lots of components at generally very good prices, and some oddities.
Their Web site isn't too useful, but there is a PDF version of the catalog.

American Science and Surplus
A wide variety of surplus, occasionally including electronics items. Their
catalog is entertaining reading even if you don't buy from it, and the Web site
is pretty good too.

MECI (Mendelson Electronics Co.)
A small catalog of components, connectors, and computer items. Their Web
catalog is well-organized and appears to be more comprehensive than the print
catalogs I've received so far.

That's all I have so far. Did I miss any good ones?

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