Education questions. (NOT FAIR)

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Mon Mar 6 08:28:23 CET 2000

>Alas, the latest crop of managers has the style
>(taught in MBA school no doubt...) that the short term bottom line 
>is the golden
>egg. This strategy lloks good on their resumes, but leaves a trail of human
>carnage in its wake...  I believe a company OWES more to its membership
>(employees) than just a check on friday and a "gee we're really 
>sorry" when they
>sell everyone out, to go on to consume a bigger and (soon to be) 
>less fortunate

What's always bugged the hell out of me is when they take the best 
tech off the bench and make him middle management--which he has no 
talent for whatsoever.

><religious mode on>
>I truly believe that people who run companies in this fashion will 
>be accounted
>for this behavior on Judgement Day....  <religious mode off>

You can open at my next Devival, just to get the crowd warmed up for me...

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