Pamona ban jacks - solder won't stick

KA4HJH ka4hjh at
Mon Mar 6 07:41:07 CET 2000

>Most of the time, the solder flows VERY nicely on these jacks but
>sometimes I get one where the solder won't stick at all.  The solder
>just rolls off no matter how hot I get it.  These are brand new jacks
>and I can't see any difference between the ones that take solder and the
>ones that don't.  It's like the plating is wrong or something.

I had this happen with a batch of IC sockets once. The plating 
eventually started coming off the pins! It's enough to make you think 
you're losing your mind.

>I've tried cleaning them first with denatured alcohol, buffing with
>green pad, using low heat, high heat, everything,  but the solder just
>won't stick.  Also am using very nice Multicore 2% silver (which usually
>works beautifully on these jacks and everything else) but have also
>tried plain 'ol Kester too with the same results.

I also have a rare old IC with pins that have turned almost black. 
Buffing with a pencil eraser helped but it's still pretty ugly. I 
don't dare solder to it in the first place and now I'm wondering if 
it will even work in a socket.

Would lots of flux and a solder pot do any good in these situations???

Terry Bowman, KA4HJH
"The Mac Doctor"

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