Pamona ban jacks - solder won't stick

Buck Buchanan voltagecontrolled at
Mon Mar 6 04:23:18 CET 2000

Hi all,

I can't believe this lame *ss problem I'm having right now with Pamona
banana jacks and I'm wondering if anyone's experienced the same thing...
and if there's a cure.

Most of the time, the solder flows VERY nicely on these jacks but
sometimes I get one where the solder won't stick at all.  The solder
just rolls off no matter how hot I get it.  These are brand new jacks
and I can't see any difference between the ones that take solder and the
ones that don't.  It's like the plating is wrong or something. 

I've tried cleaning them first with denatured alcohol, buffing with
green pad, using low heat, high heat, everything,  but the solder just
won't stick.  Also am using very nice Multicore 2% silver (which usually
works beautifully on these jacks and everything else) but have also
tried plain 'ol Kester too with the same results.

I've got a whole bag of yellow ones that are all like this and I'm just
livid (and can't finish this module w/o jacks)!  If anyone knows why
this is or has any ideas for a cure please let me know.

Thanks one and all,


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